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What It Means to Be Human
May 1, 2012

My friend, shut the doors of your feelings, thoughts, and heart against every kind of evil as long as you exist. Always seek the best, the most beautiful, and the most right as prescribed by the Most Truthful. Brush away all of the grudges, hatred, and egoism with the back of your hand and open your bosom to love, humanity, and benevolence. Run to the help of those who cry for help, and alleviate the pains and sufferings of those who lament.

Dedicate yourself to fight against the darkness that enshrouds the world, and enlighten the dark spots with torches of science and wisdom. And as long as you live, do not stop struggling against all kinds of ignorance and denial.

Keep walking on your path under the light shed by Providence; enlighten your surroundings, your soul and heart with the rays of that light. If your mind and conscience is deprived of the knowledge of truth and your heart of the lights of faith, you cannot rid yourself from evil thoughts and you cannot find the ways leading to high ideals such as faith, humanity, and love.

Even though it can be more difficult to do, do not give up being truthful, taking the right path, living honestly and virtuously. The caravans en route to the love of God and care of the society have always started from these stations and continued their way along the same destination.

Do not fail to love the young ones and respect the elderly. Be careful not to damage the bonds and values like unity around faith, home, and common goals. You should know how to stand against all kinds of adverse thoughts, paradoxes, and assimilations that harm the spirit of a society. Do not fail to keep up your essence.

Believe in the holiness of working and do not fall for the mistaken notion that others have to provide you with a living. Keep in mind that humanity is not supposed to serve you but you are supposed to serve humanity and believe that you can be of use only after your egoism is burnt in the purifying fire of altruism. Then, you will gain some true value.

Think that the most cherished great hopes and the long-awaited joys can come true only if you can orient yourself to the divine will and, instead of the power, opportunities, and strength of a mortal like yourself, you put your trust in the infinite power of the Almighty.

Always run to the mild climate of love and faithfulness and never fail to rely on their softening effects. Never forget that with these secret keys ingrained in your nature by your Creator, you can open even the rustiest locks.